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We believe families should stay in New Jersey,

build generational wealth and pursue the American Dream. However, high property taxes threaten to push seniors out, preventing families from creating long term plans to stay in the Garden State.

Instead of selling their home to afford retirement, StayNJ allows seniors to enjoy their hard-earned rest with their children and grandchildren, making New Jersey home for generations to come.

Our Plan

StayNJ is a permanent program, signed into law, that will provide New Jersey seniors a 50% property tax reduction. All senior homeowners earning less than $500,000 annually are eligible to receive up to $6,500 in direct property tax relief every year, beginning January 2026 and be applied directly to a homeowners property tax bill. 

Along with providing direct property tax relief, StayNJ also expands access to and increases benefits of both the Senior Freeze and ANCHOR programs.

NJ is already a great place to live, work and raise your family. StayNJ will make NJ a great place to retire and stay close to the life you worked so hard to earn.”
StayNJ is a senior program but its impact may be felt by nearly all NJ families.”

StayNJ will provide the freedom for New Jerseyans to choose whether they and their family are able to stay in the community they grew up in.”

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